Service Agreement (Terms Of Service). 

In this article, "we" represents Aloi cloud service, and "you" represents the customer who buys our service. 

A "member" represents the person or organization that buys our services. 

The "registrant" represents the person or group applying for domain name registration. 

The Registration Bureau represents the administrative department of the domain name. 

"Server" represents the computer device that serves you. 

"website" represents the content you upload on our server that can be accessed on Internet. 

"terms of Service" means this Agreement. 

 Aloi cloud Services reserves the right to amend these terms at any time, effective immediately as soon as the new terms of Service are published on the website. 



1.1 payment method supports bank card. 

1.2 you must make payment before the receipt expires, otherwise we have the right to close the receipt. 

1.3 if the ungenerated payment uses a discount code, if there is a limit on the quantity of the preferential code, it will be applied according to the order in which the receipt is generated. If the limit is reached, a receipt without a preferential code will be generated to you. 

1.4 the price of the shopping cart is for preview only, subject to the bill generated at the time of settlement. 

1.5 if you use the promotion links of other accounts under your name when you purchase, we have the right to close the promotion account with the purchase account. 


Technical support. 

2.1 if the work order is restored within 24 hours, some compensation will be given if it is not replied within 24 hours. 

2.2 Technical support will try our best to solve your problem, but we have not solved the problem that the website is not profitable (we cannot solve similar problems, please forgive me). 

2.3 if the work order department is selected incorrectly, an employee will be transferred to the correct department for you, but it may take longer to reply. 

2.4 the language support that the work order department can provide are: simplified Chinese / traditional Chinese / Japanese /English. 



3.1 once the product is sold, there is no refund / replacement in any form. 

3.2 if the product is removed from the shelves before the expiration of the service or if the server fails for more than 24 hours, you can apply for a refund according to the remaining time of the service. 

3.3 refunds from any channel can only be refunded to the account balance. 

Those who initiate disputes at the payment gateway without communication will not be able to get any refund, and we reserve the right to terminate all products under the account and restrict access to the account itself. 

3.4 We will not provide a refund guarantee under any of the following circumstances: 

If you make a personal attack on the customer service personnel in the process of communication. 

Suspension or termination in violation of terms of service (ToS). 

There is a malicious trial product. 

More than 12H since the completion of the payment. 

IP address is blocked due to attacks, outgoing packets, etc. 

Repeat purchase and multiple refunds (three times or more). 


Service termination. 

4.1 if the service is due and has not been paid, we provide an one-day period for the host to continue the service, and the service will be suspended 3 days after the expiration of the service. 

4.2 if the payment is still not made 3 days after the expiration of the service, we will delete the service. At that time, the data on the service will not be recovered. 

4.3 during the suspension of service, normal billing will be made. 

4.4 We have the right to suspend or even delete your service if it violates the terms of service or restrictions of service. 

4.5 We will not be responsible for recovering the data loss caused by the expiration of the service. 


Virtual host content. 

5.1 you cannot use this virtual host to send spam / advertising messages. 

5.2 you cannot use this virtual host as a network agent (including proxy website programs such as zmirror). 

5.3 you cannot set up illegal websites, please see product use restrictions. 

5.4 any illegal activity in the  Aloi cloud may cause the host to be suspended or deleted, and the Basiyun Service reserves the right of final interpretation of the final action to the extent permitted by law. 

 Aloi cloud Services reserves the right to report to law enforcement agencies. 

5.5 your host is protected by our security components, but  Aloi cloud service does not guarantee that it can protect against zero-day vulnerabilities and does not guarantee that the server will not be attacked or modified without authorization. 

5.6  Aloi cloud reserves the right to delete the following files without your permission: any pirated, deciphered, adult, pornographic content and copyrighted video and audio files. 

5.7 you cannot store the following files on a virtual host: 

Contains the contents of viruses, Trojans or other programs that damage the server or the viewer's computer. 

Any content that plans, formulates or encourages criminal acts, and any content that is not conducive to trademark protection, copyright protection or patent protection. 

Content that endangers world security. 

5.8 if the virtual host series does not have an exclusive identity, please make rational use of the server resources and abide by the regulations of "use restrictions". You should not affect the normal use of other customers. 


Virtual Server (VPS) content. 

6.1 you cannot use this virtual server to send spam / advertising messages. 

6.2 any illegal act in the  Aloi cloud Service may cause the host to be suspended or deleted, and the  Aloi cloud Service reserves the right of final interpretation of the final action to the extent permitted by law. 

 Aloi cloud Services reserves the right to report to law enforcement agencies. 

6.3Trojan virus, scan IP, attack, scan port or attempt to invade any computer or network, etc.

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